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The New Online Backgammon – Back To The Friendly Old Days

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

For numerous generations, backgammon had been perceived and cherished as a social game, prevalent among the common people. People enjoyed backgammon with playmates and loved ones at home, at cafes and even in parks and neighborhoods , primarily in the Middle Eastern and Arab countries. Little ones got the hang of the rules and strategies from the elders and informal backgammon experts received a great deal of appreciation from their surroundings.

About ten years ago circumstances have begun to evolve; backgammon has penetrated the internet gaming , and the ancient order was disrupted . From a pleasant, competitive and active pastime, backgammon has eventually grown into a solitary game where users fight against a computer or vs faceless rivals. Afterwards, money entered the picture, and the personal aspect, which was the core of backgammon , has pretty much faded away.

These days, we experience a new progress which does not feel like a brief fashion, but much more like an attempt to bring back the previous glory of this incredible game, by combining the amazing technologies with the human communication that has been lost . Different social backgammon applications have emerged on the internet using the social platforms as a contemporary gathering place, where you are able to get together and play with people you know.

Social backgammon online has the customary guidelines and design like its older brother, the typical internet backgammon; however, it reminds us the joy and stimulation involved in a backgammon game played with individuals you actually know and communicate with regularly. The people you encounter online are not strangers and winning or losing have a significantly greater effect as it is not confined to the computer. Social backgammon applications take us back to our childhood habits; they connect us to the here and now in contrast to most virtual games that place us at a greater distance from each other. Obviously, social backgammon online does not give away the benefits of tech advancements . It gives you the opportunity to meet new users from around the globe; it incorporates high-end features like diverse leader-boards, ranking, gifts sharing, establishments, rewards etc., and it does not spoil the present performance and look people have learned to like so much.

Therefore, the next time you feel like playing online backgammon, search the internet for social backgammon online, and encourage your familiars to join you for a genuine friendly backgammon game that will help you remember, the reason you were attracted to it, in the first place.

Social backgammon online is here to fix one major default of conventional online backgammon. It connects us back to our live community. It allows us to interact with real friends and relatives without compromising the virtues of modern technology. Check out the amazing social backgammon on Facebook and build your backgammon reputation among people you know. Boresha ARG Matrix reviews

Tread Easy With Life Fitness 95T

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

The ideal scenario:

It’s 7 am-You wake up lazily, yawn and stretch and in a leisurely manner pull on your track suit, don a pair of running shoes and head out into the open to burn up a few miles and calories. As the crisp morning air hits your face you breathe deeply and break into a trot. You are already feeling refreshed and bright.


Its 5 am- you wake up with a start as your alarm rings loudly from your bedside. You hastily pull on your track suit, don a pair of running shoes and head out into the open to burn up a few miles and calories. As you step out onto the pavement the smog hits your face. You brace yourself and head out further and a few vehicles that are driving past emit a black cloud of exhaust in your direction. As the fumes hit your face, you choke and gag and lose momentum even before you have picked it up. Sounds familiar?

Clean safe exercising

Anyone who lives in a crowded city will tell you that jogging / exercising out in the open is not as fun an activity as it is made out to be. It is important to have fresh air in your surroundings to live a healthy life. The quality of air in polluted cities is just that- polluted and there are chances that you will be doing more harm than good to your health. If walking is your chosen form of exercise and if you feel safer working out indoors, it is best to buy a good treadmill for your home.

Pick the right tread

A treadmill gives you cardiovascular exercise similar to the one that brisk walking does except that it is more effective as you can monitor and grade the intensity levels via your consol. The incline can be changed and so can the speed. You can keep track of the number of kms that you have covered and the calories burnt. The Life Fitness 95T is a sophisticated piece of equipment. It is essentially commercial grade but if you have the space in your home for it, the features are sure to motivate you to improve your fitness levels.

The classy treadmill

The Life Fitness 95T is very ergonomically designed and encompasses all the features that go into the making of a high-end treadmill. It has the patented FlexDeck system which absorbs excess shocks and has a lubricant infused belt that provides incredible comfort and durability. The most-used controls are placed strategically within reach on the well designed console. It also has LifePulse, the heart -rate monitoring system that is another patented fixture. It is a truly inspiring piece and can make the laziest couch potato itch for a run.

Brother in tread

The Life Fitness 9500 HR and Lifefitness 95TI iare other treadmill champs. Solid steel framework lends it durability and strength. A 15 degree incline and a powerful 6 Hp motor permits you running speeds upto 10kmph and helps in effective fat-burning. Life Fitness 9500 HR and Lifefitness 95ti treadmill also has the FlexDeck technology to help in shock absorption that reduces stress and strain. Go ahead, pick one of these and see your fitness levels changing.

For anyone who is looking to buy a treadmill, the Life Fitness 95T,Lifefitness 95ti or Life Fitness 9500 HR are the best machines in the market. Xcelerationfitness has a vast range of Life Fitness equipment. Boresha ARG Matrix reviews

Find Out What A BJJ Kimono Is And How To Get One For Yourself

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Have you heard of BJJ Kimonos? These are the clothes worn by anyone who is practicing the Brazilian martial art known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. When considering where to buy a Kimono or Gi, it’s important to know where to buy, the colors permitted for competition and how to find quality Gis. Grappling and ground fighting are expected to be executed during a match of Brazilian jiu jitsu. The Roots of BJJ can be found in Kosen Judo, a form of Kodokan Judo. This discipline was learned by Carlos Gracie from Mitsuyo Maeda. Carlos Gracie then adapted it into Brazilian JiuJitsu, a form that has been passed down from the Gracie family ever since.

As far as designs go, the Brazilian jiu jitsu can be concluded to have been derived from the Japanese Gi. It consists of a heavy cotton jacket and reinforced trousers. In addition, a belt should also be worn. Aside from holding the jacket closed, the belt would also be an indicator of the rank or expertise of the climber. In international competition the only colors allowed are white, black or blue. Since this is a rule put in place by the International Brazilian JiuJitsu Federation, everyone practicing the sport should follow it. IBJJF made this pronouncement more formal by putting it in black and white, in Article 8, where it states that one can join formal competitions if this rule is followed.

The material used in the construction of the gi should be cotton, or something similar. Make sure that the fabric is not too thick or too stiff that the practitioners would have a hard time moving around. Mixing and matching colors is a no-no in BJJ Gis. Pick among white, blue or black, but do not mix them together. If you extend your arms forward, the sleeves should reach the wrist. The length of the kimono should also be down to the thighs. Sleeve length is prescribed by the IBJJF. Follow the measurements as indicated. The Belt width must be 4-5 cm, with belt color corresponding to the practitioners rank. Tie the belt around the waist, securing it in a double knot. You should change your belt if it is showing signs of wear and tear.

Athletes are not permitted to compete with torn kimonos, sleeves or pants that are not of proper length or with t-shirts underneath the kimono (except for females). The gi should not be painted on, no matter how artistic you think it is. Exceptions can be made for team’s competition. BJJ Kimonos – Where To Buy Them Your dojo, or martial arts school, would be the best place to buy yourself a kimono or Gi. If they do not sell gear, ask them the name of the vendor from whom they purchase their gear from. This will ensure that you will get quality products without spending too much.

Online purchase is also another alternative. Sometimes you could stumble upon a kimono sold for a cheaper price. Taxes are also sometimes waived. But the proliferation of online sellers of BJJ kimonos make it harder to distinguish which are the legitimate and quality ones from the inferior gear. Seeking advice from people you know, especially those from your own dojo, would be a good idea. Another option is to go to the source. If you go to the website of the Gracie school, you will find a link to their store, where they hold many gear for sale. As the progenitor of the art, they stand behind their product. A perfect-fitting BJJ kimono is essential for anyone who plans to get serious and practice this martial art. The best way to make a decision is to seek advice from experts. The school where you are learning BJJ would be a great place to start.

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Outer Clothing For Men And Women: North Face For Winter

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Whether at home dealing with the dreaded British weather, off on a camping adventure or off on an exciting, whirl wind adventure there really is nothing quite as important as the right outdoor clothing.

Looking for outerwear sounds quite simple enough doesn’t it? After-all whether male or female, all you really need is a big enough coat? What could be so difficult about that? In fact, in all honesty how many of us really give our outdoor clothing any real thought? The most time and attention any of us have ever really given to outdoor clothing is how good it looks is it not?

For those of us who are fashion conscious, you may find yourselves venturing into the snazziest high street stores but for many of us; the first one we see is good enough because at the end of the day; it’s only a coat isn’t it?

Well perhaps we need to rethink our purchase; whether in the UK, on a holiday or abroad in the most unmanned climates of the world, the harsh winds, low temperatures and averse conditions can create the most difficult environment and whether on the walk to work, on a trek or even a hike across the slippery ice; our bodies are at great risk of illness.

Low temperatures can leave even the healthiest of us in the worst condition which is why outer-clothing is of great importance and why so many of us must now commit further time and effort into the choices we make, choices that go past the oh so typical “does it look good?”

There are a number of specialist companies that today, offer a great deal of outer clothing designed to handle even the harshest of weather conditions. From the many companies on today’s market; the North Face stands out as one of the leading brands; protecting its customers against everything from the unpredictable British weather to the frightening storms of the Arctic.

The North Face Parka collection is considered one of the most ideal outdoor clothing collections available with the North Face McMurdo Parka, the leader of the pack. Considered the signature item for camping, icy conditions and polar expeditions; this is outer clothing at its best that will work just as well for the city lover whose biggest adventure is making it to work in the miserable winter months!

Designed with a detachable hood and faux fur trim, cords will allow the wearer to look out the bitter conditions and remain heavily insulated thanks to the use of the highest quality of down. Created with room for your daily necessities; this is a must have for men. Women needn’t fear as the north face provides a range of similar and just as effective and efficient outer clothing that will no doubt keep you warm this year.

It is all rather clear that a great deal of us fail to give our choices of outerwear as much prevalence as we should but rather than waste hordes of time and money looking for the ‘prettiest’ coat and spend days shivering; why not opt for something designed with one aim in mind; your protection?

All is not lost, the right outwear is out there and in fact; with Christmas right around the corner there really couldn’t be a better gift to give. Whether camping, hiking or travelling up the M5…bring a little warmth back into your life!

An avid writer with over twenty years of actual experience in the camping industry. Having worked at a number of locations; James has dealt with varieties of high quality camping equipment and products and can provide an abundance of knowledge and information on anything and everything you need to know. Please visit for further information Boresha ARG Matrix reviews