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The Bartender

Monday, December 10th, 2012

The bartender is more valuable than the highest paid psychologist. Most people that frequent a bar are not simply customers seeking a good time or a frothy beverage. They are people (patients) from all walks of life, the lonely, the lost, people in pain, people looking to hide or some just looking for shelter from the cold, even on the warmest day people can live in such chilly climates that only the warmth of a friendly bartender can warm their souls.

Often they don’t even require the beer or spirits to take the edge off – the bar or tavern can usually can sooth the weary. The room itself can be the stage where healing takes place.

The smell of beer, brine spilled from olives shoved in trays for the martinis yet to be made. The stagnant dish rags used to wipe and clean nozzles and deep fryers and griddled burgers and crisp onion rings. Or the spike of fresh hot wings and celery sticks with a side of blue cheese.

Most bars and taverns represent stability in a world transforming rapidly, most of Seattle”s taverns and saloons resist even the slightest change.

The bartender is a captive audience for the masses and varieties of creatures that come in out of the cold. They offer a pleasant smile or those simple familiar words “what can I get you?” When you are bellied up to the bar, you are as important as the senator or the mayor. He pays the same $2 for a bottle of beer and receives the same service – at the bar you are an equal to those around you. No one has that kind of power in the world, to treat those around them as equals.

The bartender isn’t interested in your credit score, your yearly salary or benefits. The bartender doesn’t care about your title when they are pouring you that vodka and grapefruit juice. The service they’re providing is much more personal and much more valuable. They listen for free and their ear service is non-judgmental, nor impatient, their advice is often the deepest and most valuable you will ever hear.

Patrons are bathed in these familiar scents, the illuminated Schlitz sign the murmurs of laughter and quiet conversations throughout, and the immortal tunes that sing from the jukebox are so familiar that the home feels like and often is the foreign and hostile territory with which the patrons escape, all to come and see and be heard by The Bartender. Boresha ARG Matrix reviews

Online Dating

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Finding that person you will spend your life with is something most men and women want, the problem is the dating world got so huge and it’s confusing these days that people tend to get lost instead of finding love.

Online dating – online dating today is already very popular, and many people and married couples have met through online dating.

So why use online dating, you might be too busy and you’re working from eight to five, then you come home, eat, and go out to train, and then, you must do another thing. If you don’t get a chance to go out and meet other people, then online dating can really be the thing for you.

A few things you should consider when first trying online dating is always be careful and let someone know when you went out and when you’re supposed to come back on the first 2-3 meetings with a new person.

What is better? Free or paid websites? Well, the answer to this one is rather simple, paid is better, and the reason that paid websites are better, is because this way you screen out many of the men and women who just registered to get a quick glimpse, and are just curious but haven’t decided to commit to online dating.

Another great thing about actually paying for a site is that you will make a commitment for many people this means they will do whatever it takes and go into the website and go on dates because they invested money in it.

What about a special type of websites like meet Asian women or meet Russian Ladies? I only know about websites like these for men, but if there are some for women as well, my advice is the same. Although some of these might have credibility, it’s not recommended, for many reasons, but as a rule these sites tend to be like brides for order kind of service or one date, and I doubt that you get a date at all, in addition to that, these websites usually cost double or triple the money of a normal membership site and will not give you the results you want.

What about the old school methods? Do they still have a place? Sure they do, all the old school methods are still valid.

Dating in work – many people have a tendency to fear this, and in many cases, it might be forbidden in your work, but if it isn’t, try to connect with the other sex and make sure to go out with girls/guys you’re working with, maybe one of their friends will be the perfect fit for you, most of the time you don’t have to go that far to get a date and sometimes the love of your life is literally under your nose.

Blind dating – if you never tried to ask one of your friends to set you up with someone they know, as long as you manage to get past the embarrassment, you might gain something.

Speed Dating – This is the old school way of meeting people when you don’t have time, in many cases a lot of men and women use these parties, mainly for sex, but if you manage to clear past the so called “hunters” you might find someone there.

Going out to pick up bars? What about that, well that’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, but if you’re honest with yourself, you probably can understand you will not find mister/miss perfect in a bar. Again, if you think this is the environment for you, then go ahead and check it out.

What about just approaching? This is one of the easiest ways and most dreaded in the dating world, if you see a good-looking man or woman, just approach with a random question and try to strike up a conversation. Funny enough this kind of meeting just works the best, but sad enough most men and women just don’t do it because of irrelevant fears.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the different ways of dating in the new world, and I also wish you the best of luck in finding your path and your loved one.

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Online Senior Dating Services: Finding Online Love Even In Your Fifties

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

You may have been the butterfly and the most envied person in your time, but time flies and it everything starts to wear off. You may sigh and reminisce all you want for all you glory days, but the thing is, that belongs to the past now. Before you think about joining a senior dating site, you have to focus on the now and on your future. Remake you past life by reliving you’re dating and love life! Well, they say that life starts at 40, but it can be fun even at 50. If you’re looking for over 5o year old dates, don’t haste since thanks to the internet, you can find them with just one click of the button. Let’s make 50 the new 40, for even at this age, our senior daters have learned that they can still be actively participating in social network sites and even dating.

You have missed the feeling of being chased and wooed. The rush of the dating jungle and the triumphs of love and success. So how to make it into reality? Find a trusted online senior dating site where you can be sure to find all of it. So how do you suppose you can find someone real and reliable online? There are no absolute results in internet dating; the outcomes are based upon your attitude and expectations. By thinking positively, surely your dating experience can go as smoothly as possible. However, if you are doubtful since the beginning of your online dating venture, then the results will yield to be negative. You should have known by now that there is no such thing as the perfect man or woman, there are flaws and imperfections but even with that, if you truly love them for who and what they are then certainly you’d make the perfect pair.

In senior dating, always bear in mind that safety always comes first; it is an supreme rule in online dating. If you are new to online dating then it would be best to be acquainted with a little background about the services offered and of course, internet know-how. But first, look into the importance of a little technical skill to help get you through the sites. Computers are in for the reason that everyone may benefit from it, not just the young generation but the senior citizens as well. Be aware of the internet dating etiquettes and do’s to help you find that senior dates that you’ve been searching for. These online dating services for seniors have already a FAQ, support and customer service which is available 24/7. That is, if the site you decided to be registered into is a totally dependable site.

Explore the wonders of the senior dating online services and let them help you rekindle the fire of love that has long been extinguished from your being.

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Fun Ideas For Your Wedding

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Your wedding gives you a chance to embrace your personality and celebrate a joyous occasion with your loved ones. Together, you and your future spouse can choose to get married in a way that reflects the two of you as a couple. If you want some ideas on how to have fun at your wedding, read ahead.

Themed Wedding

Your wedding does not have to adhere to the traditional and formal rules of many past weddings. A themed wedding lets you show off your hobbies and interests. If you and your future spouse share a love the ocean, throw a marine-inspired wedding. Small touches can help you keep the theme throughout the wedding. For example, ask your cake decorator to create an ocean-themed cake featuring fish and other creatures made of frosting. If you want to hand out wedding favours, you can put together bags of fish-shaped candy.

Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding gives you and your guests plenty of room to have a big party with few limits. Outdoor wedding reception venues allow you to have many of the features of indoor locations. For example, you can still have live music and delicious catering at your selected outdoor location. If you plan to have children at your wedding, prepare areas where they can play games together. You can also specify areas for other games, including badminton and volleyball. At the end of the night, you can conclude the party with a big fireworks display.

Creative Twists for Any Reception

If you don’t want to completely let go of tradition, you can add a few fun twists to your wedding reception instead. First, consider adding some fun entertainment options beyond a disc jockey. Live music or a comedian can add a memorable element to your wedding reception. For the children at your reception, hire a magician or a clown to entertain them.

Many wedding receptions offer the wedding cake as the only dessert of the evening. If you want to give your guests more options, consider a dessert buffet. You can include bowls full of your favourite candies or cookies. If you and your future spouse love to bake, you could even bake some of the delicious offerings yourself. Finally, if you love cupcakes, consider adding a cupcake station to your dessert buffet. This station can offer a number of flavours and toppings to help people create their own tasty cupcake.

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Expanding Your Reach Through Free Webcam Chat

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

A free webcam chat helps you enjoy unlimited communication with your loved ones, close friends, relatives and even work associates. One of the most successful sectors is outsourcing team members because this will allow you to get the best staff with different track record and educational accomplishment. Companies are using these free webcam chat resources as a way to communicate with their employees and key members that are currently based in various place. It has been a very successful tool in delivering not just effectiveness but also productivity and increase retention rate of your members. Webcam chat is a cost saving alternative to expensive overseas phone calls, text and mails.

Through the use of high quality web cam, you can basically have interactions easily with whoever you wish. They’re also very effective way of developing your relationships with your family who are in other areas of the world. If you’re just looking for anyone to speak with, there are a great number of social networks that are fascinated by knowing people with various and same interests. Web cam enables you to get fast method of speaking to someone at real time, in fact, latest innovations are continuous to make a more user-friendly world for chatters. You can speak not only with one person but interactively with many people at the same time, any time!

The increasing number of chatting community will give you the freedom to select who you want to talk according to your preferences. Profiles are also available as your reference. You can create a comprehensive environment by meeting people that you discuss the same likes and dislikes. Develop your reach and meet people from various parts of the world this will let you know somebody who has completely different cultural background. You can easily defy limitations set by geography, by using free webcam chat you may instantly speak to somebody, become familiar with them and also set up dates with them. Web cam chats are already used by lots of individuals in order to develop a pedestal to meeting and dating people.

In terms of professional companies, free webcam chat is highly looked for to become a substitute for phone calls, texts and snail mails. Conferences and meetings can easily be setup without spending anything for travel expenditures. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got completely different time zone, you can still use seamless video chat for a economical and high quality business solution. Immediately, technology can create better selections and integrated alternatives in order for your business to become more efficient and dynamic.

Fundamentally, free webcam chat is utilized by a number of factors such as meeting new people, building your relationship with a close friend or significant other or company purposes. This is currently the best means of communication with no cost which is extremely convenient since you don’t need to leave the comforts of your home or office. Continual development of our technology will hopefully develop better solutions in making our lives more dynamic.

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